Grace is a 7th generation psychic based in Chicago, IL. Grace specializes in love readings, past-life regressions, and helping people from all walks of life heal. With over 50+ years of experience serving clients locally and around the world, Grace understands that that every problem has a solution. She provides guidance on all matters of life including family relationships, romantic relationships, marital issues, separation and divorce, and more. Call now for a holistic solution to your problems, no matter how big or small.


You may call Grace at (312) 608-7958 to schedule an in-person or phone reading.


Get a Psychic Reading for $75 (normally a $150 value). One free question for new first-time callers. Call 312.608.7958 to learn more about this month’s specials.

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Must be 18 years of age or older. Walk-ins welcome. Calls from all over the world are accepted. Only US calls and texts (SMS) can be returned.
Available for pre-scheduled in-person or phone readings Monday – Saturday 9:00 AM Central Time through 12:00 PM Midnight.

68 responses to “Psycic Reader Grace”

  1. Five stars! I do spiritual work myself so I knew a little bit about what the future held for me, but so did Grace and in full picture. She does not bullshit. I look forward to visiting her again one day.

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  2. Grace is amazing and everything she told me was pretty accurate! She doesn’t just tell you basic stuff. She says things with so much detail. Loved her !♥️

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  3. Grace was amazingly encouraging with my love life she helped me get on the right path emotionally and mentally with my fiancé love you grace thank you

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  4. Grace gave me a 9 card tarot reading even though I had a groupon that wasn’t valid. I really appreciate what you did for me.

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  5. Amazing reading! It was like she knew everything I’ve either overcome or what I needed to hear.

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  6. The real deal. Grace is warm, gentle although no bullshit and straight to the point. She knew everything about me without me giving her any information. Will definitely see her again.

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  7. Many say they can tell you or predict but Grace is the real deal. She is absolutely 100 truthful. At first you might think it’s just a scam then speaking with her, you know she’s gifted. Also, she will guide you through whatever it is.

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  8. Grace was great. Very calming and relaxing. She very much told it like it was. Her experience was definitely mind opening

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  9. Grace is spot on every time & I go to her when I need clarity and guidance in life. I definitely recommend her if you are looking for an accurate and helpful reading every time 😊

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  10. I visited this place and met with the wonderful Grace, she is absolutely the real thing; she told me so much, I got such a great feeling from her; she was so accurate on so many things in my life, I barely said anything; she confirmed so many things in my life I was uncertain about. It is up to me to decide to make those changes that will benefit my life. Don’t be hesitant about seeing her. She is wonderful – thank you so much Grace I will definitely share my experience with loved ones.


  11. This is the real deal – Grace doesn’t beat around the bush, she tells it like is. She knew some details that blew me away and she was able to provide some real guidance. Some of it was difficult to hear, but in my heart I knew she was right. She gave me a lot to absorb and think about at home. Thank you Grace!


  12. She really doesn’t know me. But she knows about my suffering and she told me all the bad. There is so much bad and it just felt like a huge validation and it feels heavy. Its like getting advice about the past and the present and the future just by hearing where you are and what is there. Just from a simple palm reading. She’s super cool.


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