Special Tarot Card Reading for New York Residents

For a limited time only (offer ends December 30, 2020), I am offering Tarot Card Readings + ONE FREE QUESTION for New York Residents.

Tarot Card Readings will be offered on the phone for $45 (1/2 Deck) OR $60 (Full Deck).

Original Price: $90.00 for a half deck and $120 for a full deck. Take 50% Off – Limited Time Only. Please Call In Advance To Schedule In-Person or Phone Readings.

Tarot cards tell you past, present, and future. These cards go back to ancient days and are very accurate.

Grace is originally from New York City and has a love and appreciation for the city and culture of New York City. She understands that times are hard for everyone right now due to COVID-19, so she wants to be able to offer a discounted Tarot Card Reading for the people of New York. Let her guide you for a better tomorrow!

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