Psycic Reader Grace

Grace is a 7th generation, Chicago-based psychic who specializes in love readings, reuniting soulmates, past-life regressions, and zodiac horoscopes. Are you wondering if he or she is your true soulmate? Have you been unlucky with love and wondering if you will ever meet the right person for you? Grace will tell you if and when the person you are meant to be with will enter your life.


Grace knows from her 50+ years of experience serving clients locally and around the world that every problem has a solution. She provides guidance on all matters of life including, family relationships, romantic relationships, marital issues, separation and divorce, and more. Call now for a holistic solution to your problems, no matter how big or small.


You may call Grace at (312) 608-7958 to schedule an in-person or phone reading.



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Must be 18 years of age or older. Walk-ins welcome. Calls from all over the world are accepted. Only US calls and texts (SMS) can be returned.

Available for pre-scheduled in-person or phone readings Monday – Saturday 9:00 AM Central Time through 12:00 PM Midnight.

Real Client Testimonials about Love Life Psychic, Grace Lauren, below:

68 thoughts on “Psycic Reader Grace

  1. Elizabeth

    just called grace and I must say she gave me good information over the phone within a few minutes I look forward to making an appointment and meeting her in person Thanks for the information you gave me tonight

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  2. Nicole

    I just had a reading with Mrs grace and I must say that she was right on the money with everything she told . I will be forever in her debt. .I have to give her a 5 star rating .she was better than any other readers I’ve come across. She was warm understanding and did not rush through our reading . Thank thank thank you mrs grace .nicole from al.

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  3. Jade

    She was right on and very encouraging as well.She knew my question and thoughts before I spoke. I will continue to seek her for guidance and additional help to better myself and life. I

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  4. Kara

    I have been in search for a real psychic. After talking and meeting quite a few in my lifetime you can tell whether they are real by one clue: whether they ask you questions, or whether they tell you facts. A fake psychic will ask questions to get a feel.
    Grace is not fake. Immediately on the phone she started telling me facts without asking any questions. She had nothing but my name, and had no way of knowing these facts! I would definitely suggest her because she is the real deal. She won’t sugarcoat or tell you what you want to hear. Because real psychics don’t do that. Go to Grace she is definitely worth it!

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  5. Sean

    I walked in because Grace had a special on palm reading. I must say, the information she gave me was detailed and uplifting. She has an ability to read and understand people. I was very pleased with our session.

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  6. The reading was great , she was on point about everything!! The best I’ve ever heard, definitely a 5 star. She gave me a correct reading without me even saying anything! Great thank you ms. Grace


  7. Dana

    Just talked to this wonderful lady. She picked up on things and I didn’t need to tell her. I look forward to using her services in the future. I definitely recommend. Thanks Grace


    1. Brokenhearted

      I’m Spoke with Grace and found her to be caring and honest. She is going to tell you straight and from a loving place. She knew only my name and gave me detailed information and advice on my situation via her gift and spirit message alone. I will be speaking with Grace again.


    1. Steven

      Grace is an amazing lady. My reading was very accurate and insightful. She is extremely kind and understanding. 5 Stars. I look forward to seeing her again soon.


  8. zanita

    This psychic is the real deal. Picked up on my l veey straight forward. And to the point. I love it!!!And cares so much about giving guidance and insight. I will read with her again. Blessings to you.


  9. Minnie

    I have been looking for someone to talk to in a long time and it seems like I couldn’t find a good psychic reader until I found Grace she is the real thing a angrl sent from good and his angels…


  10. Minnie

    Miss.grace is a angel sent from god I have waited a very long time to find a good and truthful psychic ready to understand me and help me with my problems thank God because my search is now over thanks to miss grace herself.


  11. Minnie

    I have to say that miss grace is the best psychic that you can ever ask for thank you God for sending me a angel when you sent miss. Grace to understand what I am going though in my times of needs


  12. Caitlin

    I just spoke to grace and she picked up on the energy that is surrounding me. If you are looking for an honest psychic she is the one to go to!


  13. Arlisha

    Thank you for taking the time to talk with me and giving me insight on what was going wrong I look forward to working with you very soon.


  14. Jessica

    I didn’t need to ask my question and she already knew what I was calling about. She picked up on soo much within the first couple of mins!!! I called many psychics but they only told me what I wanted to hear and not what I needed to hear. I highly recommend Grace!!!


  15. Jessica

    Thought I posted a comment but I don’t see it.. Anyways Grace picked up right away on my energy!! I didn’t even need to ask her my question she knew what it was before I even had to say anything!! I’ve called other psychics and the just told me what I want to hear and not what I needed.. Grace told me exactly what I needed to hear!! I highly recommend her!!!


  16. Grace picked up on so much with out me even having to say a word!! I didn’t even have to ask my question she already knew what it was!!! Sooo amazing!!! I highly recommend Grace!!!


  17. Brokenhearted

    Spoke with Grace and found her to be caring and honest. She is going to tell you straight and from a loving place. She knew only my name and gave me detailed information and advice on my situation via her gift and spirit message alone. I will be speaking with Grace again.


  18. hanna

    I have a great reading with Ms Grace.. She was very straightforward and on the spot. . Thank u for such a great reading…. Hanna


  19. Mirna

    Just want to thank this amazing lady that with her help and with the help of god has changed my life, from being down all the time now I’m always happy and love my life..


    1. LaTasha

      This woman is the truth. I thank God for her. In a matter of less than 3 min she hit the nail
      On the head. I tank God for this awesome. She’s helping me to walk in my truth no doubts about it. She can help you as well. Awesome


  20. Good day Everyone!
    Ms Grace is heaven sent! Awesome woman, in less than 3 mins she hit the nail on the head gave me confirmation that I need to recollect myself for this next stage in life. Reading was so profound impactful everything she said I received and sealed in my heart! The truth is what she speaks and gives. It the light of passage that sets us free. She helped me with insight on a few relationships and as a single mom u need that. It’s great that the Lord can provide us with this gift from him to her to give to insight us to help with day to day decision. I thank her and appreciate her and will be call you back soon, Ms Grace for more help with me as a person. U opened my eyes. I’m so grateful.


  21. Shaniqua

    Thanks Ms. Grace for giving me insight about my love life. I hope to take the information you gave me and be successful.

    This lady doesn’t hold back!


  22. Ryan Glover

    I called Grace from the referral of a Grammy nominated producer. She called me back in the morning the next day and went into great detail of everything that I was going through in my life. Grace has helped to coach me through the rough times and put me on the path from being depressed to having genuine hope and joy in every aspect of my life. A true clairvoyant. With so many con artist psychics treat your self to the real deal!!


  23. Autumn

    Hello grace I just spoke with you about an ex of read me but I am wanting more of your accurate answers but even in the minute I spoke with her she picked up on situations


  24. Autumn

    I spoke with grace and she picked up on my situation quickly within the couple of minutes we spoke concerning my ex boyfriend and I. She seems to be a good psychic


  25. Natasha

    Hello Grace,
    We just spoke about my boyfriend and me possibly moving back to DC. She was spot on about a lot of things with him. I was a skeptic found her on a different site. But I am blown away. Thank you Grace.


  26. Chris

    Just had a free question reading with Miss Grace, and she is very keen! Also, very patient with the internet connection we have going on via phone call. Her answer coincides quite beautifully with what I feel and more importantly, she said something at the very end that moved me, an emotion i’ve been battling with for quite some years now! She saw through me like a glass window! Very reassuring and I look forward to calling her back soon! Thank you very much for the good hope!!!


  27. Jason

    Thank you so much for the reading over the phone. I really appreciate your help. You’ve restored my hope in is relationship. I look forward to more reads and guidance from you.


  28. chris

    Hello Grace this is chris we spoke on phone you were amazing with your psychic reading and the time spent going over the facts about my situation 01/05/83 and facts with this woman her name was melissa 07/15/81


  29. Anonymous

    I would like to send a huge thanks to Grace for her great reading.She was very helpful, accurate and enabled me move on from a situation with her answers. I will certainly call her again.
    -Taylor 01/09/17


  30. Ronyea paris

    Just got off the phone with her and I didn’t even get to ask my question because she knew what I was gonna ask! Amazing and I would refer her


  31. DeAnna

    Grace is The Real Deal! She gave me sound,accurate,advice on areas of my concern.I recommend everyone seeking the truth,consult her.You’ll be ecstatic you did!


  32. Sharonda T Sayers

    I just spoke to the lovely Ms. Grace, she was heaven sent and provided my heart with peace and ease. And was right on point with what I needed to know. I definitely give her 10 stars and will be contacting her again for further needed assistance .

    God Bless You, And I Will Be Contacting You Again. So please don’t forget me.

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  33. Bri

    Accurate, and breathtaking, Grace knew almost everything going on in my life without so much as me even telling her. Most amazing experience, and I am looking forward to speaking with you again, Grace. Continue being the beautiful person you are ♡

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  34. Maria

    I have been always skeptical about physic readings but Psychic Grace not only make me feel comfortable during our session but she was able to answer my questions with accurancy. She was able to read my energy over the phone well and tell me things about my past that surprised. I found her to be caring through her advices. Thank yo for the wonderful reading Psychic Grace.

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